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    How to do best deployment ASP.Net Visual Studio 2010 Deployment Suggestions

    Is it possible to deploy Visual Studio 2010 Web Application Solution... with minimum code base.. minimize dependencies... I mean let say if there would be Presentation Layer / BAL/ DAL then each part can be modularized within..

    Deployment is very troublesome and painful as its impacting client due to due to distributed deployment at multiple locations for each small change

    Its Deployment is very troublesome and painful due to distributed deployment at multiple locations for each small change


    BAL - Module 1 BAL, Module 2 BAL.... i.e. each having its own DLL so that we don't need to disturb whole BAL at the time of deployment

    DAL - Module 1 DAL, Module 2 DAL... i.e. each having its own DLL so that we don't need to disturb whole DAL at the time of deployment

    Is it possible like this or other best way to bifurcate so that whole BAL, DAL as well as Presentation DLL would not be impacted

    Kindly suggest some workable solution which would work through Visual Studio or through existing solution... or any good suggestion would be really appreciated
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    Hai Vivek,
    As per the scenario you have provided in the question, you don't need to re-deploy all the artifacts again if the solution is already deployed once. Each time, you need to check if there is any change in any of the components you need to deploy only that component. Also you need to be very careful as if one component is dependent upon other, then you need to deploy the original component as well as the dependent component to get the workable solution.
    Let's say, you have create a new method in your data access layer and this data access layer is calling from the business logic layer then when you deploy, you need to deploy both data access as well as business logic etc.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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    Hi Pawan, thanks for reply but that will not work as u suggested, because in web application or web site (multi tier), when we publish it dll related to DAL and BAL and Presentation used to be deployed which is related to whole bunch of classes within DAL, BAL and Presentation.... so we can't deploy only one file..

    Please elaborate...

    Usually we deploy DLL related to Web application after publishing let say 1 dll for DAL, 1 for BAL and 1 for Presentation along with aspx files as this is web application.

    Problem area is that as the solution is quite big with respect to 12 different modules which has been developed from last 10 years..

    Pain Area 1. any small change in one module usually impact whole web site and then rigorous testing is required for all the modules as most of the times other modules used to break.

    Pain Area 2: As using distributed deployment, there is no central deployment, solution need to be deployed at n no of places, given the magnitude, deployment and testing become painful.

    So client is looking for the way as if there would be any change in one part of module then it would not impact other modules.. then only one module need to be deployed... or something similar which restrain and provide solution to both pain areas


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    Publish to IIS is the better and easy way to publish your IIS

    Publish to IIS
    There are several ways you can deploy to IIS using Visual Studio and Web Deploy:
    - Use Visual Studio one-click publish.
    - Publish from the command line.
    - Create a deployment package and install it using the IIS Manager UI. The deployment package consists of a .zip file that contains all the files and metadata needed to install a site in IIS.
    - Create a deployment package and install it using the command line.
    go through below link for more details

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    If there is any changes in your dll then only you need to redeploy other wise no need to deploy all the solutions, check your code base if it is really changes happen then you should redeploy without redeploy the latest changes are not reflected in your production.

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