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    Convert Array to JSON in C#

    I want to convert array object into json.

    I have value,
    Array ( [order_no] => 1 )
    I want output as,

    How to do it.

    OR how to declare string variable with value, {"order_no":"1"} if conversion not happened.
    I want double quotes in it.
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    Hai Pranjal,
    You can't convert array to JSON, you need to convert it to dictionary(Key & value) and then you can get the JSON.
    You can use the below code for the reference:

    string[] stringArr = new String[2];
    stringArr[0] = "order_no";
    stringArr[1] = "Order_Details";
    string jsonResults = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(stringArr );

    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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    Use below sample

    var EmpName= "Pranjal";
    var Designation= "Software Engineer";

    var Emp= new
    Name = EmpName,
    Desg= Designation

    var json = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(Emp);

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