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    Query to get 1st 1000th 2000th 3000th record till the end

    Suppose I have 10000 records . I want result such that I want 1st record then 1000th record then 2000 th record till last record in my table.

    Let me know how to write this query assuming Id as column
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    Hi Sachin,

    Kindly utilize this below query,

    select e.RN from (select ROW_NUMBER() over (ORDER BY (select 1 ) ) RN,* from TABLENAME) e
    where e.RN in (1,iif(e.RN % 1000 = 0, e.RN,''))

    Let me know if you have any concern in this query.

    Thank you :)

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    your Query return 1 only. how to set this fromvalue to to value?


    you can go through below Query,

    WITH Sales_CTE(sno,id,name)
    SELECT ROW_NUMBER() over(order by id asc) sno,id,name FROM [Test].[dbo].[TblTest]
    select * from Sales_CTE where sno between 1 and 10

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