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    We Need to Update for Notification.



    We Need to Update for Monthly Winner Notification through Email or SMS this best way reach our site some other People. who is winner in monthly winner those need to Receive Mail or Sms Notification. this is also encourage our people (participants) .

    another one idea Team wise Split up members participate in our forums section. which team winners DNS provide certificate also monthly winner this team like this.
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    I think DNS site change are keep on updating with new features and also trying to keep the old functionalities.
    We will get all these features soon...
    I hope they will announce some the new features..

    By Nathan
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    Previously we got all the alerts and certificates issued for all type of announcement but recently they stopped to share those details as per Tony guidelines, I already drop a mail regarding this that time they said that.

    I guess day to day our forum is degrade to down, if we are not caring obviously we loose more people. I saw that impact, when I joined this forum how people are contributed and now it is totally different.

    I suggest to our Editors please word this to our webmasters.

    Give respect to your work, Instead of trying to impress your boss.

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    Yes I agree with Naveen. Now the contribution of DNS becomes very low. DNS has to do something for this. They stopped lot of functionalities and also stopped many recognition. I think only the forum section is little bit active.
    All other functionalities are almost inactive.

    By Nathan
    Direction is important than speed

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    Thanks for the suggestions DNS'ans, it is really great thing that DNS now changing and we are getting our features back, it takes some time as website is under construction and changes to be done gradually.
    Now come to your points, Yes, we have a notification service ON for member of the month award and certificates are also provided to winners of Member for Month and Member of Year awards.
    So we need to Just Wait to get the things proper and complete.
    Till then Wait ...

    contribute more to get more and more awards

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