Can someone please give their thoughts on the questions below.

Hello Guys,
Can you guys please give some thoughts on the below questions:

Q. 1 How can we increase the efficiency of our systems by 10x while scaling our daily transactions by 10x over the same period?
This question is related to increasing the efficiency of the application at the same time we are increasing the umber of transactions. In general when we increase the number of transactions, the efficiency of the system will degrade.

Q. 2. How can we use the history of our customer transactions to predict and prevent future fraud attempts?
This question is related to prevent future frauds by looking out the customer history and specially for those customer who already affected with the fraud transactions.

Q. 3. What code patterns and testing approaches do we need to guarantee that we never, ever fail in an unexpected or undefined way?
This question is to find-out the way through which we can make the system to ensure that it will not fail in unexpected causes.

Q. 4. How do we evolve the architecture and the orchestration and inspection of all of our running processes to increase transparency?
The question is about the extending and evolving the product and processes and more component based which will be transparent.

Q. 5. How do we go all-in on cloud infrastructure while increasing data security and privacy for our customers?
This question is related to making sure that when we deploy our application on cloud it will be fully secure.

Thanks in advance for the answers and thoughts.