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    Document History creation in

    I want to create history like below after opening perticular page everytime.Date should change.


    Document History

    Created By : xyz pqr skk Date Created:30/8/2016

    Edit History: Rev: Editor: Edit Date and Time
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    Hai Shashi,
    If you want to keep track of every page who has visited, then you need to create explicitly code which will take the value of the current user and other details and then insert into some table in the database with the page details etc.
    So to do this, first create a table which will have the fields/columns as required- PageName, User Name/UserId, Date etc.
    Now when the user is in the page, you need to write the code to save all these details.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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    Hi Shashi,

    I didn't get your point, as per your question you are expecting to change the date based on entry to that particular page, but as i seen the input looks like Created Date, in any application createdate should be constant based on the time creation how it should change based on entry into that page?

    If you are expecting the same in EditDate field then you have to update the date while new entry comes into that page, that you have to do it on your page load for each and every request to the page.

    Hope this helps you...

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    Hi Both,

    Created by name should come as per login details(who logged in to the application)

    Date should change accordingly.(like when he will open that perticular page, that date should display)

    Shashi S K

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