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    How to develop website in mvc with multilanguage support

    Hi All,
    i got one requirement ,that is ,how to develop web application in mvc with multilanguage support french and english
    i have one dropdown when i select french the total application need to translate into french language
    please suggest me with example
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    you can try Resource based language. Change your font name and stored ex: name

    english to French




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    i want to translate Stored data from french to English,that time i can't use resource files and it is little bigger application

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    Hai Nagendra Prasad,
    There could be multiple ways but as you can't translate all the data to french so you need to keep the values in the database by using ID's and then based on the language, you can get the respected data. Keep this data in the cache so whenever the same result data is required, get it from cache.
    Let's say, you want to keep all the countries in English as well as in French language:
    1. Create a table for country which will have Id's and the name of the country(this will be in English so that by default it will be displayed in English only).
    2. Create a table called as Message where you need to keep the translated value for these countries with channel(French) etc.
    While loading, you need to check the channel, and based on the channel, get the country data and load to the controls. Keep this in cache because it will be used throughout the application.
    Once the user opens up the website in French they will not go to English again. If they do so then remove all the cache and load in English.
    This will make the site little slow on the first load only but will be faster later from the second requests.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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    1. You can save the data as unique code in the database. Have different table for different languages and save the data in the database. Based on the language selection you can retrieve the data from your tables.
    2. You can save the data in the database. While retrieving you can use some third party codes for translation for language.

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