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    How to create Hotel Room Booking Calendar in C# ?

    How to create Hotel Room Booking Calendar in C# ?
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    To implement Hotl Booking you have to maintain 2 tables, first one is Reservation Table and second one is for Room table here Room table is master table and Reservation table is child table and use RoomId as Primary and Foreign Kwy relation, and try to incorporate with your requirement, if you want to know more details then I may suggest you to refer below link this might be helpful to you, "".

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    If you are using telerik , you can go for Rad Scheduler. It will be providing you the advanced features,

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    Hai Ajit,
    There are few 3rd party libraries where you can find the inbuilt scheduler controls where you need to set your values and the control will do the rest.
    If you are working with the Windows Application, you can use Component One library which provides such scheduler control to make the appointments inbuilt with the control.
    For Web application telerik control are good but all that is needed you/client need to pay for it once the application is live in production.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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