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    Forum Question Category for Azure

    Now it's more on Cloud Computing and we people are new to Microsoft Azure environment working with Cloud computing along with MVC.

    It would be great if we have the option to have a category for Cloud Computing or Azure.

    This helps us to Filter and respond to the Questions related to Azure easily and quickly.

    Thanks in Advance.
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    Thanks bhuvanesh for you feedback, yeah, we are now moving rapidly towards cloud technology now, and we really need azure for it, I think we need to open separate category for Azure now onwards, I will ask webmaster about that, and explain about your requirements.

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    Thanks Bhuvanesh,

    Yes you are right, now all projects are migrate to Azure as you said we have to grow in latest technologies by discussing in forum section.

    My humble request to Editors please consider this, and raise this point to our webmaster, not only Azure we are too slow to adopt latest Technologies like Azure, SharePoint. In all the members they thought that this is only the forum for only supporting, we have to erase that as soon as possible.

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