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    I am new to Dot Net Spider and don't know what to do here

    Just now, I registered to this site. I don't know what I can/should do in this site. Can I submit resources on C/C++/Java/Shell/PL SQL programs? I have knowledge of only those languages. And, what are the different ways in which a member can contribute to this site?
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    Warm welcome to Dotnetspider, you can share your knowledge to all at the same time you can gain knowledge from others, in no of ways by raising questions and resources etc...

    I will tell you onething dotnetspider is Microsoft related forum it doesn't mean that you have to raise a question only related to Microsoft technology, you may ask questions in Java too, if any one of our expert know the solution resolution for the same then they will revert back to you.

    In this forum you can contribute in various levels,

    -> Articles

    these 2 are primary, apart from the above you may participate in job section also, if you know the job opening then you may post over there then it will reach the job seekers.

    Hope this will helpful to you...

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    Dotnetspider is a technical community where you can find various things about DotNet technology.
    We have different sections like forum, tutorials,articles,jobs,projects and practice tests so on.
    Everything here are self explanatory and you can easily understand. As you are the beginner you can ask any doubt by posting your question related to dotnet and our members will post the response there by you can get solution.
    If you want to post any good article you can do it under the article section in dotnetspider.
    If you are among the top five contributors in the overall month, you will be awarded with a member of month.
    You can get little amount as a pocket money by contributing to dotnetspider.

    Sridhar Thota.
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    Welcome to DNS, we are basically a online contributor, "dotnetspider" is an independently operated, online .NET tutorials and guide for the latest Microsoft technologies, aimed to help new graduates acquire programming skills and learn the best programming practices. We are not associated or affiliated with Microsoft, but we offer guidance to you from the fundamentals of programming to the most advanced Microsoft technologies
    you can learn and ask your doubt on Microsoft technology here.
    so lets start with Tutorial or Article section.
    Best luck

    Editor, DotNetSpider MVM
    Microsoft MVP 2014 [ASP.NET/IIS]

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