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    What exactly saying about MVC is an architecture or framework or design pattern?


    I want to know what is exact definition of MVC.
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    MVC is exactly the pattern how you design your application architecture, you can design a software application what ever manner you want and here in MVC they isolated as Model, View and controller, so there is always no-dependency between these three components.

    Whoever is expert in their can develop the stuff independently without waiting for others to complete, advantage of MVC are
    Unit Test Support
    Code Maintenance
    Routing Flexibility

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    If you have knowledge of it is suffiecient before learning MVC.
    Here i want to give some points on it..

    MVC: MOdel View Controller
    MVC it is a frame work.
    One of the design pattern which is similar to 3-tier Architecture which is used to work with web applications

    Model represents entity. Business Entity framework..
    Converting Database into a class, with attributes of table columns and their datatypes like int etc.
    columns with data type in class, So in future changing of database from Sql 2 Oracle,so no need to change the core part.
    Finally it takes care of DAL Data Access and Validation Rules etc.

    It is the .aspx file
    It takes care of UI (Presentation)

    contains the control flow logic..
    It is the .cs file, takes care of communication b/w Model and View, to control the flow of information and execution of the application.

    An MVC Application is designed and implemented using the following three attributes
    Model, View , Controller.Where these 3 are not dependent on each other.
    Here single controller can fulfill requirements of all the Views.

    One advantage is Routing, where no need to see filename.aspx in URL, with Routing concept we can see our desired name instead of filename.aspx

    Why to use MVC?
    If we go with 3 tier, control flow will go from UI to Business layer and then DAL.and Vice versa for the response also.
    And when we want to change any in any layer need to change in other layers too.

    Hope this will help you

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    MVC Definition is

    M - Model
    V- View
    C - Controller

    this is like 3 tier architecture.

    Model is Equal BAL property layers.
    View is Equal in Presentation Layer
    Controller Equal to DAL -> Data Access layer.

    MVC is Light Weight so we can create and developed large projects .

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    MVS is nothing but a architectural pattern, in short it is a pattern that follows some defined architecture,
    This is the most common asked question, it is an architectural pattern which separates the UI and code. It's basically divided into Model, View, and Controller section.
    - As name suggest, The View is responsible for the look and feel.
    - Model is real world object and provides data to the View.
    - Controller is the heart of the architecture, it responsible for request and loading the appropriate Model and View.
    - Clear separation of application concerns.
    - Supports for Test Driven Development

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