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    Is MVC three tier or N-tier architecture?


    I want to understand MVC is a three tier architecture or N-tier architecture.
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    Hi Jitendra Kumar.

    First of all you have to understand what are tires and what is 3- tire architecture.
    MVC is basically 3 layered architecture and it is a design pattern, like we have model, controller and view.
    Model contains the DB logic and controller contains the application or business logic and views folder contains the UI related things which are called as views like html pages(cshtml).
    You can even add one more project and make it as a n-tire architecture( more than 3 layers) where you can place your services part in the fourth layer.
    Hope you got some idea.

    Sridhar Thota.
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    Hi Sridhar ,
    Thanks for reply. I would like to know what exactly saying about MVC is a three tier or N-tier architecture.

    MVC is basically 3 layered architecture- You replied this one. I did not understand mean you are telling MVC is not N-tier architecture.

    MVC is basically 3 layered architecture or 3 tier architecture.?

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    MVC and 3-tier architecture both are different aspects, If both are same then why Microsoft introduce MVC architectural design pattern? that is first question right..

    Both the architecture is different both the functional calling is different, 3-tier we are calling UI->BAL->DAL where as in MVC it is different it's like Model to View and View to Controller and controller to view in same way model to controller and controller to model.

    So, no need to think whether MVC is 3-tier or N-tier, it's different for both the architecture.

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    Hi Naveen,
    Thanks for reply. I did not understand. As you are saying MVC is own architecture.

    Whether we will not say the MVC is a 3-tier or N-tier architecture.

    otherwise we will say this is a design pattern.

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    3 (or N) tiered architecture is about how the infrastructure works, the client (browsers, phones etc), the web server (or other middleware) and the DB server. All separate machines / devices.

    MVC is about how the application code is designed. It focuses on how to separate the pieces of the application ( models, controllers and views ) to solve the problem of building the application. This mostly lives on the web server

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