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    Load balancing of web App


    This clarification is regarding Load-balancing of a web App.
    I have 2 load balance server where this App is hosted.
    I beleive below steps are involved load-balance for a web App.
    (1) A shared folder needs to be set up where all uploaded files are stored and accessed regardless of which webserver the user has accessed through the loadbalancer.

    (2) A common Physical location on the server is D:\DotNet\uploaded\documents

    I'm using IIs 7.5 , please suggest me how load-balance can be done so that uploaded files on both servers fall in on flder (above mentioned common location) so that files will be available and accessed fro both the load balance servers.

    You can refer to below link and something similar set up has to be done in our case.

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    Have you tried using any external Tool for Load Balance like "NLB"


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