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    Procedure or function Insert has too many arguments specified

    I try this code but not working properly (only first value add to database second value is not inserted) . Procedure or function Insert has too many arguments specified ,this is the displayed error


    foreach (DataGridViewRow row in dgItems.Rows)
    for (int i = 0; i < dgItems.Rows.Count; i++)
    DataGridViewCellCollection c = dgItems.Rows[i].Cells;

    //dtl.DOC_TYPE = type;
    info1.DOC_NO = DOC_NO.Text;
    info1.ITEM_CODE = c["cCode"].Value.ToString();
    info1.ITEM_DESC_ENG = c["cName"].Value.ToString();
    info1.UOM = c["cUnit"].Value.ToString();
    info1.PRICE = Convert.ToDecimal(c["cPrice"].Value.ToString());
    info1.QUANTITY = Convert.ToInt32(c["cQty"].Value.ToString());
    info1.ITEM_DISCOUNT = Convert.ToDecimal(c["cDisc"].Value.ToString());
    info1.DISC_TYPE = c["DiscTypes"].Value.ToString();
    info1.DISC_VALUE = c["DiscValues"].Value.ToString();
    info1.SERIALNO = c["SerialNos"].Value.ToString();
    info1.BRANCH = lg.Branch;
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    The error message "Procedure or function Insert has too many arguments specified ,this is the displayed error" clearly showing that there is some mismatch in procedure/function parameter count. The parameters you are sending to the procedure is not matching the procedure/function parameter.

    1. First check the count of the parameters passing and compare with actual procedure parameters
    2. Check you are passing correct type of Parameters.

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    To resolve this we need to see your SP parameter declaration too, as per error "Procedure or function Insert has too many arguments specified ,this is the displayed error" the parameters in procedure and code is miss match the count, so that the reason you got this error, request you to kindly recheck your parameters one more time and move further.

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    The problem is probably in the Insertdtl_Meth method, Check the number of parameters your stored procedure Sp_Sale_Dtl_Insert requires and number of parameters being passed to it.
    Chances are in the first iteration hasTax and hasBatch both are false or at least one is false and the number of parameters being passed matches what is required by the stored procedure.

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    Hi Shafeeq.

    Its clearly showing there is mismatch in the parameters which are sent to the procedure.
    Kindly find out the last added parameters in the procedure and while at the time of declaration assign null to those parameters in the procedure, by doing this even if you wont send that parameters it will assign null to that column.
    You are sending 11 parameters that means receiving also should be 11.

    Sridhar Thota.
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