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    Provide intranet to internal users and Log in Form to External users in MVC (With Active Directory)


    I am new with Asp.Net MVC, currently i am working one task. As per my customer requirement my site will be accessed from outside and inside the office by the authenticated users. When user is tried to access the site from out side the office should get the Login page and when user is tried to access inside the office should not get the Login page.

    Please help / suggest me how to do this.

    Venkata Suresh Kakumani
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    For accessing your site through out the internet you can configure the project solution into IIS and publish them, so that you can access the site through out internet, and coming back to your second question,

    if you want to show the login page if it is access in out side office in that case you have to provide forms authentication for them; if you want to restrict login page for with in office then use Windows authentication for them.

    Before doing this you should know what is Forms Authentication & what is Windows Authentication. Google it for the same to understand better.

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    The requirment which you are telling is not stright forword. We can not do this using any configuration.
    Before that I have some question. Where you are deploying your applicaion? that means where is your web server?. If you are web site is outside of your office you are out side of the web server.
    I think you got my point.

    What you can do is,

    Store you ip address in the DB, check it in the login page. If the request comming from your configured IP then do not show the login page.
    You can do it in another way create another one applicaion and deploy it in your office. In the applcaion just redirect the web site by using the default login.

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