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    How to Convert a Table Column Float Datatype to Varchar in Sql Server 2008 R2

    Hi Developers

    In my sSql Database
    I have created one Student Marks table and inserted more than
    5000 student Marks with Float Data Type,
    Now i want to insert Text also. So how can i convert the Mark Column Float datatype to Varchar datatype.
    Please help me friends for i am done this task

    Thanking You
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    If you want to ALTER your table structure then refer below Microsoft Syntax, this might be helpful to change your table column datatype.

    ALTER TABLE tablename
    ALTER COLUMN coulumnname VARCHAR(100)

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    Thanks Mr.Naveen Your Query is working exactly.


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    Also you can use Str() function of SQL:

    DECLARE @num float = 1234567890;
    SELECT Str(@num, 20, 5);
    Insert into Table (FloatColumn) values (Str(@num, 20, 5))

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    1. Create new column "FloatStudentMarks " of type Text
    2. Update the new column with "StudentMarks". "Str" method to convert.
    3. Now you can delete the old column(StudentMarks) and rename the "FloatStudentMarks " into "StudentMarks"

    I hope the above logic will help you changing the column type. You can also alter table. But there may a change possibility of loose of data. If you do the above logic. You may make sure by seeing the converted data and the remove the old column.

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    Just ALTER it using following syntax

    ALTER TABLE tablename ALTER COLUMN coulumnname datatype(size)
    //here you can use below syntax
    ALTER TABLE tablename ALTER COLUMN coulumnname VarChar(1000)

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