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    Calculated Members using Custom data

    Dear Friends

    How to Calculated members Create using Custom data in ssas cube.
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    first you need to connect to SQL server analysis services using c# then you can read cube from that.
    you need to use 'Microsoft.AnalysisServices.dll' for it.
    Microsoft.AnalysisServices.dll is an Analysis Management Object API provided by Microsoft, which is used to administer Analysis Services instances.
    If you have installed SQL server 2008 R2 then you can find this DLL at below path (path can be different as per operating system version and bit type). then connect to the Server by creating object of Server class and passing connection string to it.
    Once you connect to server then you need to get database class object as per your database name
    If you want process specific cube then you need to find it in Cube class object
    check out below link for more details

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    Okay. But I need how to named set working in pps (perpormance point services in sharepoint 2013)

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    You can use Named Set filter template when you want to create a dashboard filter by selecting a group of items which are defined as a set in database. The Named Set filter template works with data that is stored in SQL Server Analysis Services in 2000/2005. To create a Named Set dashboard filter:
    1. In Workspace Browser, click Dashboards.
    2. Click the Workspace tab to view the list of dashboards that are available in your workspace. If the dashboard that you want to change is not listed, click the Server tab, and then double-click the dashboard.
    3. On Filters section, click New Filter.
    4. In 'Select a Dashboard Filter Template dialog box', select Named Sets and click OK.
    5. In 'Create a Filter wizard', type a name for your filter, Click Next.
    6. In 'Select a Data Source wizard', select your Analysis Services data source. click Next.
    7. In 'Select Named Set step of the wizard', use the Select named set list to select a named set. click Next.
    8. In 'Choose Display Method step of the wizard', select a display type for your filter [May be List/Tree] and click Finish.
    10. On the Confirmation screen, review the information in the Details pane.
    11. Click the Home tab, and then click Publish All to save your changes.
    12. Now you are ready to add your filter to a dashboard page.
    Also you may refer this:

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