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    SSAS(Create a Adhoc POC using Tabular Semantic models ( SSAS))

    We have a report model when we upgrade this newer version as background research we decided that its deprecated no longer supported in SSDT.

    We are trying alternate options to see how tabular semantic model works? They are looking to be very simple.right now all the tables are presented to the end user where they can drag and drop and can create their own reports on the fly same thing they are expecting to be with tabular semantic model.

    Right now we have 2 components one is report builder and another backend report model data source where this is deprecated some people end up in using datasets.

    I am trying to take one table in the report model and try to create a tabular semantic model and see how it works?

    I am very new to SSAS can I get any links how to create this TSM?

    Any ideas/steps I am new to SSAS.
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    Tabular models are authored in SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) using the Tabular model project template which provides a design surface for creating tables in a columnar format. It gives performance boost for your analysis sevices.
    Please find demo source code:
    Or you can find video over here:

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