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    Basic project structure of MVC5


    I got new project in my company which we decided to implement in MVC5 - Razor.
    I don't have any idea in MVC5. Anyone tell me the basic project structure in MVC5.
    I can read tutorials but if any experienced person can explain, it will be good as a development point of view.
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    Hi Pranjal.

    When you create a project in mvc you will get the following folder structure, where you can place your class files, views(.cshtml pages),js files and css files so on.
    The solution creates folders like Model,Controller and Views
    Model folder we can place the class contains properties required and database logic class files.
    Controller is also a class file with controllername.cs which contains public action methods.
    Every action method can have its own view(.cshtml page).
    Views folder contains all the cshtml pages which contains the design part(UI)
    Just click on new project select MVC template by default the structure is created you can easily learn by doing few examples on mvc which are available in the internet.

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    It is completely different from event driven architecture.
    App_Data - Keep class files
    App_Start - Keep all the config files which will initiate at the time of application start( All the config should be register in the Application_Start() of Global.asax.
    Content - Keep all the resources like CSS, Images etc..
    Controllers - Keep all the controllers inside this folder. I hope you know the concept of controllers
    Models - Keep all the models inside this folder
    Scripts - Keep all the javascript
    Views - Keep all the UI files (cshtml)

    The above is just folder structure and details. As you are new for the MVC, you can watch some video playlist. That will give you more informations and it will be easy for your learning.

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    I suggest you to before going to implement your project build few samples using MVC Architecture, that was help you alot while implement your project. Based on your sample projects you can know what is the structure of the MVC architecture and how to call the methods from one class to another its explain you clearly.

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