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    How To Remove Text (Print),Page No,LocalHost Url,Date in Xps Document when Print using

    Hi Developers,

    Am using XPS Document for take print QuoteBill.
    When i am take print it is working perfectly.
    but it Printed with text(Print) and Page No and Current Date and Localhost Url. All them diaplaying in the Print Out but they are not necessary.
    So Friends there is available any idea to i am Remove the particular and Unnecessary Objects..?
    Please suggest me friends.

    Thanking You
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    It is because of behavior of web browsers. You can change browser settings manually or programmatically using CSS styles.
    Please go through this if you want to opt out for programming :

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    Are you sending any print properties in the url of the document?. If you are passing that. you can try to handle it in stylesheet. You can try to handle it in your stylesheet.

    @media print {
    a {


    @media screen and projection {
    a {

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