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    Solve the below query

    hi every one,
    Please solve this....
    i'm trying but not getting.
    it shows 0 rows effecting.

    Declare @newdate datetime
    set @newdate=dateadd(month,2,getdate())
    update Tbl_User_Reg set SubscriptionName='Basic',CreateDate=@newdate where UserRegId='10'
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    Hi Sadiq,

    Please check whether the table Tbl_User_Reg contains UserRegId value as 10. If it is not then it will display
    (0 row(s) affected)

    Simiyon A

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    Have you tried this query

    select * from Tbl_User_Reg where UserRegId='10'

    Whether it returns any records?

    I guess the problem is there is no rows in that select statement, if records found for to the above statement then it will definitely update the columns and return the effected rows count.

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    Is the UserRegId varchar?.
    Can you check is there any spaces in the table data?

    Try to get
    select * from Tbl_User_Reg where UserRegId='10'

    If your are not getting any row then the problem is in the data

    select * from Tbl_User_Reg where UserRegId like '10' and check whether any spaces there in the data.

    By Nathan
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    the return message itself very descriptive, if your message says '0 row affected' it does means, you have no rows that fitted in WHERE condition
    in short according to your query, check if column 'UserRegId' is having value '10'
    Hope it helps

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    Lot of Possibilities are there for showing this Error Messages.
    1. There is no records in the table based on UserRegid is 10
    2. May be there is no records in the table too.
    3. Otherwise, That column could not based on Varchar.

    So, Share your table structure. Or . Kindly check with the following query before executing the Update Query.

    Select * from Tbl_User_Reg where UserRegId='10'


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    First of all check whether the table has required data.
    after it passes check the required condition is met. i.,e

    select * from Tbl_User_Reg where UserRegId='10';

    is the possible scenarios that get 0 rows effected


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