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    How to shown image in crystal report


    In windows application i designed table field -> Photo column varbinary . Insert and stored fine
    But when i placed crystal report but this photo column not shown in crystal report
    any one guide me how will fixed this. I designed dataset for columns and populated using query
    datatable comes record but varbinary datatype did not shown in crystal report.
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    For Showing image in crystal report you need to change the datatype of the field to byte format, if the datatype is varbinary, I guess you missed to change the datatype of the column, change the datatype still you got the problem then you just remove the dataset and recreate it again and add the datasource then change the image column datatype to byte then it will work fine,

    Refer below link for more details,

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    tried previous exact which you send url. But my table field varbinary and i changed this dataset bytearry
    but nothing shown in my crystal page in windows application how to fixed this.

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    I guess there might be something different issue, as you said datatype is binary format and you convert the same in byte format while showing the same in report time, still you are unable to view the report image means there might be some other issue.

    For Checking purpose you can use the same database and same code and create new project and test the same, whether you got any issue in that or not, if you are not getting any error then that might be problem with your current application, you got issue there then problem might be datatype.

    Check it and let us know...

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    One easy way is to define a dataset in database with column 'dataType' as 'system.Byte[]', hen use crystal report wizard and bind dataset to crystal report as data source. Crystal report has functionality to bind binary column to crystal report
    see below link

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    convert the varbinary into bytes and add that dataset to the datasource I think that will solve the problem

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