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    Policy change: External links to other websites

    We have been discouraging use of external links from our website for various reasons including concerns about search engine penalties. However, we have realized that this is causing readers to miss out opportunities to find more information and references.

    Read more about this change from the link External links posting Guidline
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    Thanks for announcement Asheej,

    Nice to hear the new announcement, this will helpful to all readers.

    @Members, remember that there is a limitation for the same, this is not applicable to forum section,it's applicable only in article section that too with certain conditions, if you want to know more details go through the link which Asheej provided.

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    Thanks for announcement Asheej, it will be really helpful to our members.
    Now you can give live hyperlink in your article, (but this facility is not yet available in forum section)

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    Thanks for this announcement. This will helpful for article writers and article readers. We can get navigate quickly and get more information through this new annoucement
    By Nathan
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    I think it should not be used as "external links to other websites" instead it can be said that "references as links" can be posted if they are really relevant to the article which was written by individual.
    I request the authors to consider the below sentence posted by tony sir.
    " provide links to high authority, government and official websites that provides additional information to the content you are writing".
    However it is not applicable while posting the responses in forum section.

    Sridhar Thota.
    Editor: DNS Forum.

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    Many of my articles which I wrote in dotnetspider are referred in code project and this is a good move by Dotnetspider authorities and Asheej T.k

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    see in this url the donetspiderurl is posted as a solution1

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    i recommend:

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