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    Unable to view questions properly

    When I want to see the latest questions posted by users on the site. I cannot view them in order of the question posted.

    For Example:

    I login to the website and then
    Click on Forum link on the menu bar
    Click on the .Net link - not sure in which order the questions are displayed.
    Click on the .NET link again - Again not sure in which order the questions are displayed
    Click on the New Submissions link - This does not sort the questions by new submissions.

    I am not sure If only I am facing this issue or every one is facing the same issue or may be I am viewing the website in wrong way.

    Please advise.
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    currently Dotnetspider is in migration and layout processing state, if any member respond to any thread/question then the thread gets active and show it in the top most position so the other question does slip from their current position,
    Don't worry soon it will back with nice look and performance

    Editor, DotNetSpider MVM
    Microsoft MVP 2014 [ASP.NET/IIS]

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    Ofcourse it will comes correct or not sure.

    if you need reply some other issue question means try to following links also

    Show By Status: New Submissions|Pending|Deleted|Approved|
    My Threads|My Answers|Un Answered

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    Hi Vaishali,

    Currently it is in migration state, but as per your question I used below link to respond to the questions, this is working fine without any issues. Refer above link that was helpful to you to respond to the queries raised by members.

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    Blog :

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    Now it is sorted based on the last answer or post. If you submit a question that appears first. If anyone answers a for a question posted few days back then that will be on top.

    Asheej T K

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    Actually it is the descending ordering based on the last updated date time. If anybody answered the old question that question is showing in the top. The is good functionality and useful.

    But there should be one more sorting order based on the question posted date. I hope DNS trying to do it using "New Submissions". But it is ordering "ASC" but it should order "DES". If any of the responsible person brings this issue into the management they will fix it.

    By Nathan
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    New submissions link does not work as intended. As per my understanding it should sort based on the latest questions posted.
    Miss. Jain
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    Hi Vaishali,

    Yes, I agree with you New Submission option is not working as per expectation.

    @Asheej, as per your comment it should be rearrange based on update time for the particular post, but recent posts are not reflected over there.

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    The "New submission" link should be d "DEC" order but not it is in "ASC" order. If they fix this order issue that will helpful for us.
    By Nathan
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    When we reply any thread, it gets active and arrange in first order at forum section, so the last modified will be seen at the first location in forum section
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    Hi All.

    According to me, the recent posted questions should be on top of forum posts. Where as sorting should be done in the scope of thread, as the best answer should be on the top among all other responses posted for a particular thread.
    This correction would be better for all to understand easily.
    If a question is posted today and no one answered for it, then it is going to down level when new responses are posted for old thread.

    Sridhar Thota.
    Editor: DNS Forum.

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