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    Why SSRS Report server loading very slowly

    any one please let me know the below problem.

    1. why SSRS report is loading very slow from user PC in same domain but inside server is faster.
    i have configured SSRS report in server and if i running report server URL inside the server where my report is deployed is faster(3s) but when user is accessing same URL from their PC in same domain it's very very slow(5 mins). if after click on view button , if it's taking time then i may guess that may be data is huge but my case if no data also for initialize reporting viewer taking long time. i have checked store procedure result , it's very faster.

    2. in chrome browser report viewer is not loading properly it's not loading properly in chrome browser. any chrome setting required?
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    For any issue which related to performance first we need to optimize the query to fetch data very fast, but in your case data fetched very fast but still you face the problem means I guess the problem might be rendering the report builder, refer below link may be this might helpful to you

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    Blog :

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    For 1. Please check your query in SQL profiler to check what part of it takes more time.
    For 2. Try setting attributes of ReportViewer as follows:
    SizeToReportContent="True" and Height="100%"

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    I have also faced the same problem that SSRS report not loading properly in Chrome browser, but works fine in explorer and firefox.
    To get the SSRS report, we need to modify some chrome setting,
    Step 1: Right click on chrome , goto inspect element.
    Step 2: Find the div whic has ID "VisibleReportContent"(ctrl+F and type 'VisibleReportContent'), find the id of that parent div (parent id start with 'ctl%')
    Step 3: Notedown the parent ID.
    Step 4: Goto "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS11.SQLEXPRESS816\Reporting Services\ReportManager\js"
    Step 5: Paste the below code, at the end of the .js file.
    <pre>function pageLoad() {
    var element = document.getElementById("ctl99_ctl99");
    if (element) { = "visible";
    }</pre><b>Note: </b> replace the ctl99 with your Id
    Step 6 : Save it, now you can able to view SSRS report in chrome browser.

    Hope it helps

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    Hi Everyone,
    Already searched this from internet and tried still it's slow, even for me in IE also it's taking time just to load empty report viewer.

    inside server is fine problem from another user PC which i guess no problem for any browser setting

    query or SP if having problem then i may need to do optimize but for my case SQL query don't have any problem at all.

    let me know if have any other idea.


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    How you are browse your site with servername or IP address, many times IP address name, does not resolve and hence it gets slow.
    try to browse website with server name or vice varsa

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