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    How to Add data labels to bar chart in Dashboard Designer 2013

    Dear Friends

    I am trying to add data labels to a stacked bar chart in sharepoint Dashboard Designer 2013 from cube data. The labels not appear in the bars . The labels appear when I hover over the bar. But what I would like to know is how to have that information display in the bar itself. Is there anyway to do this?
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    Have you tried this Highchart control, ease to implement

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    follow below steps to add it
    - Add a new Web Part Page
    - Add the Chart Web Part
    - Connect the Chart Web Part to Data
    - Connect and Configure Data Series
    - Configure Appearance
    - Hide Chart Web Part Toolbar
    - Add Data Enhancements
    - Add Column Totals
    The key to creating the stacked bar chart is getting the Chart web part to recognize that there are multiple data series; and this is done by creating multiple series during the data connection process.
    check out below link it may help you

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