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    How to Bind Product Prices outside Data grid view textboxes

    I am creating windows application using c#, here I am using my billing form datagridview my datagridview columns (Slno, ProductName, Price, Qty, Amout). I am already stored my product(table name) database table, each product stored different 4 prices (Ex : Ball, price1-10, price2-20, price3-30, price4-40),

    When I am entered datagrdiview ProductName that time above 4 prices shown textboxes outside gridview .

    How to develop above my project any one give me ideas.
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    try this query

    create table tblProd
    Slno int,
    ProductName varchar(30),
    Qty int,
    Amout decimal(18,2)

    select * from where ProductName like '%Ball%'

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    Need more details about your requirement, your question is not understandable. Please elaborate your question by editing the question that will help us to give you better idea to implement your requirement.

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    I didn't get your question please make sure that a snapshot is provided in this so that it is easy to reply with a response.

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