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    Need to guild line for : to become a technical architect?

    Hi ALL,
    I have 5+ Years for Experience in Microsoft .Net Platform .. I would like to become .. Technical Architect in .NET ..

    Will you please any one Help me Out ... Steps to become Architect in .net

    I would be great for me ....

    Thanking you ...
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    If you want to become an Architect, you should be aware of all the latest technologies related to Microsoft, and you are ready to take any type of challenges which your team faced typicality in their projects, concentrate on this then you will become an good Architect in future.

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    For being technical Architect you should be good enough in following things, basically these are the basic requirement from technical architect
    - Identifying the organization's needs
    - Breaking down large scale projects into manageable chunks
    - Working out which IT products to use based on cost benefit analysis and research
    - Agreeing plans with the client
    - Explaining to designers and developers what's required and overseeing the progress
    - Producing documents that monitor progress and ensure the quality of the project
    - Advise the client on managing future IT needs
    Following are the required skills
    - Good communication with clients/operational managers – listening and providing answers
    - Strong problem solving skills
    - Ability to build from good relationships with clients/operational managers and colleagues
    - Ability to gather and assimilate information
    - Up to date knowledge of technical applications
    - Good knowledge of quality standards, legislation and best practice
    - Ability to be adapt and priorities
    - Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
    - Ability to think ahead and anticipate problems, issues and solutions

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