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    When will I get the offer letter from TCS for experienced professionals?

    I gave interview in TCS before a month and got selected. Next day HR send me salary breakup for confirmation. I accept it and submitted all my documents.
    I'm regularly in touch with HR. Before 10 days she said we were waiting for certain approvals, which we have got today, you will receive your offer letter in a day or two. she also said you'll get joining in next month on any Wednesday. but still I didn't receive formal offer letter from TCS.
    I'm little bit worried because I already left my organization a month before as I had an offer from Capgemini. Later on I dropped offer from Capgemini as I want to join TCS. My question is should I wait for TCS offer letter or try to find another job?
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    You should wait for TCS and for communication/follow up always write an Email(s) instead of phone calls. Because that should be considered as an documented proof as well as the respected HR may give you prompt replies to your email's as the emails are recorded on their internal servers.

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    Thanks for replying.
    Last time when I dropped her mail, asking for offer letter, she replied I'll contact you today and then she called me and told me you'll get your offer letter in a day or two.

    I will drop her another mail, may be she'll reply on that.

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    You can check it in TCS website itself there they will mentioned the status time to time, As per my personal experience TCS process is too late, since they release salary breakage to you they will send offer letter for sure, my question is salary breakage and offer letter they will send in one mail why they send separately and why still they didn't send offer letter, you just check with your HR through mails.

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    Thanks naveensanagasetti for replying.
    On TCS website my status is shown as "Evaluation in Process".
    For salary breakup HR said, we don't want any turn and twists or back outs due to salary, so before I process your profile you need to send me a formal acceptance for salary breakage.

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    I think firs you need to contact TCS HR and tell your current condition, tell that you have already left job due to this offer but still there is approval for it, TCS website is also showing 'in evolution'
    If still HR ignore your words then it is better to find another job

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    Hi Surbhi, I m in same situation today. Had u received TCS offer at that time

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    Hi All, I have also attended Walk in drive on 3rd nov in noida TCS but still my profile status is "Evaluation in Progress"

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    Hi jyotish and Anil have u guys got any salary breakup??? Me too attended on Nov 10, 2018... But haven't got any input from tcs

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    Hi Jyotish,

    I also attended TCS interview on 2nd November for Experienced position, i got salary breakup email from HR on 26th November, but didnt receive any reply/Offer. Waiting for the status. Will i get the Offer letter?

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    Hi Guys,

    Don't drop any existing offer until unless you receive a formal offer letter from another organisation with stipulated joining date.
    Oral phone calls may not give the assurance of job.

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    Hi Bujji/Anil,

    Finally you guys received offer letter or not ?

    I attend interview on 5th Jan in Bangalore TCS office. Cleared Technical interview and Managerial round.
    They informed you will get call from HR.
    No call from HR, even dropped mail to them no response..
    What can I assume ?

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    Even I attended interview on 5th Jan in Bangalore, no response yet.

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    Hi Dayanathan please let me know if you receive any call from HR.
    I will also do the same

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    Hi Naame,
    Pls ping @9677672392

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    Status on TCS career portal is evaluated got call from HR regarding salary discussion, discussion was fine .
    2 months passed still not received any communication.

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    Hi All,

    Does anyone got the offer?
    I am in the same situation.

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    Hi All,

    Have you got the offer letter..
    Same situation with me. I ve got my salary annxr on 7 March.. On basis of this i left my job. In that salary annxr it was mentioned that my DOJ will be 10 April but i didnt gt offer letter. HR is not even replying on mail.

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    Hi Geetanjali,
    Hi All,

    Can you please let me know have u received offer letter from TCS?

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    Hi All

    Even I am in same situation. I have received a call and compensation structure on July 8th. But still I didn't receive offer letter or any update. I tried to contact HR, she says due to some internal management they are not releasing any offers in entire pan India. I am worried, I left my previous job and other offers as I just wanted to join TCS. She doesn't have any ETA as well. What should I do now?

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