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    CLRProfiler tool is still in use?

    This tool has .net v4.5 compatible version also available. Wanted to check:

    1. Is this tool still in use ( Microsoft still support this)?
    2. What are the strengths of this tool?
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    1. Yes Microsoft provides supports for CLR Profiler Tool.
    Download CLR Profiler 4.5 from here:

    2. It is a memory profiler tool. It allows us to examine the contents of the managed heap/memory utilized by our application, how the garbage collector behaves and how exact the memory allocation of our application takes place.
    The latest version 4.5 allows us to profile .NET 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 or 4.5 applications.

    Please find demo/source codes on CLR Profilling:

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    it is used to check the garbage collector working and performance, CLR Profiler enables you to look at the managed heap of a process and investigate the behavior of the garbage collector. Using the various views in the tool, you can obtain useful information about the execution, allocation, and memory consumption of your application.
    CLR Profiler is not a starting point for analyzing problems. Rather, it helps you identify and isolate problematic code and track down memory leaks. Using CLR Profiler, you can identify code that allocates too much memory, causes too many garbage collections, and holds on to memory for too long.
    check below link to see how to use CLR profiler

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