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    How to deserialize to a list object in web api

    Hi All,

    I have receive an data in following format of json, it is contain like \r\n

    "Status": true,
    "Message": "Success.",
    "Data": null,
    "RecordCount": 4,
    "Collection": [
    "Bsid": "1-XY01CC58-1",
    "Code": "WEB\r\n",
    "SourceName": "Web Campaign\r\n",
    "Description": "b n nmjn vb nmjbv nmjbv",
    "IsActive": true,
    "PropertyId": null,
    "UserName": null
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    //Replace escape sequences.

    jsonString = jsonString.Replace(@"\r\n", " ");

    //Deserialize if you are using json.NET.

    SearchRootObject obj = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<SearchRootObject>(jsonString);

    //Or With JavaScriptSerializer Class.


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    Many time JSON return '\r\n' characters, basically you need to Take your JSON and .stringify() it. Then use the .replace() method and replace all occurrences of \n with \\n.
    I think there is no inbuilt library for escaping all special characters in a string, you need to customize your code as follows

    var myJSONString = JSON.stringify(myJSON);
    var myEscapedJSONString = myJSONString.replace(/\\n/g, "\\n")
    .replace(/\\'/g, "\\'")
    .replace(/\\"/g, '\\"')
    .replace(/\\&/g, "\\&")
    .replace(/\\r/g, "\\r")
    .replace(/\\t/g, "\\t")
    .replace(/\\b/g, "\\b")
    .replace(/\\f/g, "\\f");
    // myEscapedJSONString is now ready to be POST'ed to the server.

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    Just replace '\n and \r' with '' i.e. blank values, try this:

    var responseText = received data;
    var finalJSONResp = responseText.replace(/\\n/g, "")
    .replace(/\\r/g, "");

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    you can go through Below links


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    Hi All of you, i want to serialize or deserialize without replace word, any other way of doing deserialize a list or collection.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Atul Sharma

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