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  • Category: Sharepoint

    CKEditor With SPPeoplePicker Not Working

    HI Team,

    I am Using CK Editor (multi line Text box) in my Custom web-part, and I have a SP People picker below that both controls are in the same form.

    Issue is SP People picker control is not Working Properly like if click on People picker control CK Editor Text box text controls are loading in People Picker.

    Thanks in Advance
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    This is the Sync issue between two components, can you check at this code may be helpful, you can try the similar behavior with Picker control.

    CKEDITOR.replace( 'editor', {
    plugins: 'wysiwygarea,sourcearea,basicstyles,toolbar,undo',
    on: {
    instanceReady: function() {
    // Show textarea for dev purposes.;
    change: function() {
    // Sync textarea.

    // Fire keyup on <textarea> here?
    } );

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