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    Regarding mvc about ado,linq and entity framework vs linq to sql vs entity framework.
    That means what the advantage of ado so we are using link and what is disadvantage of link so we are using Entity Framework.
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    linq -> Language Integrated Query .

    We can use linq and dbml model in our project.

    But one drawback in linq suppose we will changes the table dbml file did not update automatically.
    We need to update corresponding .

    EDMX good one , this is automatically update we can use every where user friendly also.
    EDMX like a property same table column Automatically.

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    ADO.Net is an acronym for Advanced Data Objects, basically Ado is a database connector, which uses SqlConnection/OleDbConnection for database connectivity, it is difficult to debug but easy to understand and maintain. it used the T-SQL to query the database. Accessing SQL based databases using ADO.Net is fast and efficient. However, data is often returned as different types or custom types, and have to be cast or formatted into usable or .Net or native types.
    whereas LINQ, is a part of .NET Framework since .NET Framework 3.5, Easy to debug and cause syntax errors at compile-time. It has full type checking at compile-time and IntelliSense support in Visual Studio, since it used the .NET Framework languages like C# and VB. it is popular cause it allows you to stay in your native programming language (C# in this instance) and query data, or any other collection of objects for that matter.

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    We know that Enitity Framework(EF) is called ADO.NET EF which means that it sits on top of the ADO.NET , which tells us that it cant be faster than ADO.NET. But remember the power of LINQ which EF provides the developers. It is really powerful when comes with EF. Since EF encapsulates ADO.NET at the background it used ADO.NET only, but the question comes why EF then?? Yes if we use EF and LINQ then the maintainability and code redundancy reduces as we donot have to write the big queries anymore like SP and all.

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