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    Why to pass mutliple models to a view


    Can anyone tell me why we need to pass multiple models to a view in MVC?


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    Basically model is a class that maps to the data relation (table) and potentially bridge tables (e.g. for many to many relations).
    you should keep your data model, the algorithms. For example if you write a spreadsheet application, you would keep the data structure of your spreadsheet. You would have the computation engine in your model, you would have the code to save and load your spreadsheet in your model. These model class could potentially be reused in other applications, for example if you have code to do compression of data.
    so surely model is more helpful.
    may be you can check multiple model in single view in following link

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    In MVC we can not pass multiple models directly into a view. (M->V).

    You can send core model into view. If you want to send other models you can send via viewbag and viewdata.
    In the main view you can get data from the viewdata or viewbag and assign data in the view.

    The best approach is you have to create new mode based on the view assign all the required models in to it and pass to the view

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    You can achieve this by creating a new model and refer other two models in it.

    Say for example you have two models "Model1" and "Model2" you want to pass this two models to a view. In order to achieve this you just want to create a new model "Model3" and create a property with for the "Model1" and "Model2".

    Now you can pass the Model3 to the view and you can refer Model1 and Model2 over there.

    Hope this helps you, let me know if you need clarifications on this.

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    You can use
    dynamic mymodel = new ExpandoObject();
    and add New Properties to that mymodel
    e.q mymodel.Student=collection of student
    mymodel.Teacher=collection of teacher
    also you can refer following link for more details

    Hope this will help you
    Umesh Bhosale

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