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    Convert a Windows Form application to web based application.

    Hi Everyone,

    I just want to know how can I convert an exe windows form based application to web based application. I don't have source code with me, it is just an .exe file. I am very grateful if someone could suggest solution for this issue.

    Thank You
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    According to me there is no direct way to convert windows application into web application. Because Windows and Web are two different concepts. But you can share the dlls. If your code contains BOL is dll window and web application can share.

    First you do not have source code. So you can try decompilers. Decompilers will give you source code from exe. You can get lot of free decompilers in the net.

    Microsoft providing "Ildasm". Following is the link for your reference

    You can also find some third party decompilers.

    Once you get source code, you can source code you can start web application and you can try to reuse your windows application code.

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    Yes, I'm too agree with Nathan response, there is no built in tool to convert Windows to web application, because both are using different type of controls, only few controls are common in both the places, example DataGridView in Windows forms, Gridview in Web Applications. So, you need to redesign your UI as well as code too.

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    First you need to get the source code from EXE, which not an easy task, there are many reflector available on internet using that you can create source code from EXE, but you need to modify lot of code.
    Then second step is to create a web form for each windows form, web form and windows form events are much different way.
    every time you handle an event for your form in webforms you're working with a brand new instance of the class, please note that there is some winform functionality that simply doesn't exist in a webform so it depends on exactly what's in the winform in the first place

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    There is no way you can directly convert a windows application to web application.
    One thing you can do is to do reverse engineering on executable (.exe) and find its source code then accordingly you have to develop a new web application with that code.
    You can find various ways to decompile an .exe from this URL:

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    There no direct way available to convert an exe windows form based application to web based application.
    You need to extract the code from exe using free available decompilers.
    Then you need to modify the code to best fit in web application.

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    I wrote an article regarding this please refer to that article . I will give a reference to that url.


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    Hi Guys,

    Thank you for your swift reply. Now I got complete source code, so how can I convert that into web application

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    As we all have said above, you have to do it manually and re-use all the code of windows app in web app.
    Or You can try below tool but it will cost your pocket.
    Or you can try running your windows application directly on browser. Refer following URL for source code:

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