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    Windows Task Scheduler


    I am facing some challenges on The WINDOWS TASK SCHEDULER.

    I create new windows Application And create basic task inside the Task Scheduler on the Server manager .My scheduler is working only few second and the status has show running but after few second scheduler is stopped and status is showing "ready". I want to show the status is always in "Running" status.

    So plz help me..............
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    Scheduler tasks status changed from running to ready means, it executed/run during which it successfully triggered your windows application to run itself and after that the scheduler task was gone in the state of "ready". Means that task will run again after your specified time limit.
    For keeping it running continuously, you can do uncheck the following options from Settings tab :
    1. "If the running task does not end when requested, force it to stop"
    2. "Stop the task if it runs longer than"

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    when scheduler is executing your task then only it shows the status as 'Running' other wise it shows it as ready, if you want to repeat that task after specific time then you need to schedule it as below
    First you create a simple task that start at 0:00, every day. Then, you go in Advanced... (or similar depending on the operating system you are on) and select the Repeat every X minutes option for 24 hours.
    The key here is to find the advanced properties. If you are using the XP wizard, it will only offer you to launch the advanced dialog once you created the task.

    On more recent versions of Windows (7+ I think?):
    1.double click the task, you will see a property window. the "Triggers" tab.
    3.double click the trigger details, you will see Edit Trigger window
    4.under advance setting panel, tick Repeat task every xxx minutes, and set Indefinitely if you need
    5.finally, click ok

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    How you running the scheduler. Is the schedulers running offen?
    The task of the scheduler is running particular service in particular time. So the issue is in your program.
    Please check the following
    Are you closing service after it executes?
    Are you trying to run the same service even it is in running stage?
    I am sure there is some crashes for running the service

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