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    How to speed up combobox binding

    How to speed up combobox binding in windowformapplication

    var list=ds.Tables[0].AsEnumerable()
    .Select(r => r.Field<string>("job")).ToArray();

    combobox.DisplayMember = "job";
    combobox.ValueMember = "job";
    combobox.DataSource = new BindingSource(list,null);

    In this below line,it is taking time to bind and it s very slow.. How to make it fast
    combobox.DataSource = new BindingSource(list,null);
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    How many records are exist in database ? depend upon the record size it may take time.
    secondly your database connection is also affect the scenario.

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    Optimize your Data Base Query - using Index ,select Statement using Particular Record.

    use Stored Procedure to Retrieve the values from Data Base.

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    1000 are in database.. Just single column in a table..

    Select query is fast.. only in this datasource binding it is taking time.. I checked with breakpoints

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    Try this:

    Hope it helps.!

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    try this type code only

    combobox.DisplayMember = "job";
    combobox.ValueMember = "job";
    combobox.DataSource = Datatable or Dataset or list

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