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    What is the exact difference between Windows Form Application & WPF

    I have basic idea about these two points..but I want to know much deeper that - the exact meaning & actual use of these two concepts in industry.
    thank you..
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    WPF advantages
    - It's newer and thereby more in tune with current standards
    - Microsoft is using it for a lot of new applications, e.g. Visual Studio
    - It's more flexible, so you can do more things without having to write or buy new controls
    - When you do need to use 3rd party controls, the developers of these controls will likely be more focused on WPF because it's newer
    - XAML makes it easy to create and edit your GUI, and allows the work to be split between a designer (XAML) and a programmer (C#, VB.NET etc.)
    - Databinding, which allows you to get a more clean separation of data and layout
    - Uses hardware acceleration for drawing the GUI, for better performance
    - It allows you to make user interfaces for both Windows applications and web applications (Silverlight/XBAP)

    WinForms advantages
    - It's older and thereby more tried and tested
    - There are already a lot of 3rd party controls that you can buy or get for free
    - The designer in Visual Studio is still, as of writing, better for WinForms than for WPF, where you will have to do more of the work yourself with WPF

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    thanx a lot

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