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    Document library movement from sharepoint 2007 to sharepoint office 365

    Hi ,

    Is it possible to migrate document library from Moss 2007 to share point office 365 directly or using tools ???..any help will b useful

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    Refer Below links




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    I have not used it but I knew There are 3 ways to get this done.
    - Export from 2007and import in 365(with little tricks)
    - Content Database Migration
    - 3rd party tools.
    you can
    - Export the list from SharePoint 2007 using either the Central Administration or PowerShell (Export-SPWeb). In the Central Administration, go to Backup and Restore > Export a site or list. Choose your list, and click Start Export
    - Copy the exported list (.cmp file) to your desktop and change the extension to .cab. You can then extract it using a software like WinRar.
    - Now we have to repackage it as a .cab file. I used a software called CabPack. Select your Source and Destination. Change the CabinetNameTemplate if you want, and click on OK.
    - Change the extension from .cab to .cmp
    - Copy the .cmp file back on the network share or directly on the SharePoint
    check out below link for more details

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    Please refer to this blog discusses the issues that may arise when moving, as well as considerations on how to.

    How to Migrate SharePoint 2007 to Office 365 Standard Using Native Web Service and CSOM:

    You might want to consider going from SharePoint 2007 -> SharePoint 2010 on-premise -> Office 365. follow this steps:

    To do this you can create a SQL backup of the content database and restore it on the SQL server used by SharePoint 2010. Then create a new web app in SP 2010 and attach the copy of the database to this web app. That will upgrade the database to SP 2010.

    Now you can use the powershell command to export the list:
    export-spweb ... -itemurl <url-to-the-doclib> ...

    You can then import the list into the desired site collection using:
    import-spweb command.

    Also, Save Document Library as template with content, it will give you .stp file. Follow this steps to convert it to .wsp:

    Upload it to SP2010 site and Create new document library.

    From SharePoint 2010 to Office 365: Save the SharePoint site to template, and then upload it to Office 365 and activate it. Here's an article which will lay out some steps, in which you can save your site as a template and ensure the migration is successful:

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    Using Native Web Service and CSOM you can Migrate SharePoint 2007 to Office 365, see below link

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