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    Query in C# Interface concept

    Hi Team,

    I am learning programming skills and executing the following code

    interface first
    void displayfirst();
    interface second
    void displaysecond();

    class intimplement : first, second
    public void displayfirst()
    Console.WriteLine("I am first interface");
    public void displaysecond()
    Console.WriteLine("I am second interface");

    class program
    static void Main(string[] args)
    intimplement assign = new intimplement();
    first avalue = (first)assign;
    second bvalue = (second)assign;

    when I execute the above code I am getting the expected result as

    I am first interface

    I am second interface

    However, if I remove public modifier from the class intimplement then I am getting following message

    intimplement.displaysecond()' cannot implement an interface member because it is not public.
    intimplement.displayfirst()' cannot implement an interface member because it is not public.

    By default interface members are public so why should I declare the method as Public while implementing interface.

    Please clarify. Thank you very much.
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    Through the classes are public but Members on classes are private by default. When implementing an interface member in the class, it should be public. You have 2 basic options when implementing intefaces: implicit or explicit. Implicit implementation takes on the form of a public method or property, while explicit is in the form of a method or property prefaced with the IFoo. modifier that is otherwise not public.
    so the final answer is it should be public

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