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    How i pass parameter dynamically in SSRS subscription

    Hi, i am very new to SSRS report. currently having some doubts some one guide me on this.

    1. how to deploy reports into production server which can be accessible by different users in same network domain.

    i tried to configured using SQL Server configuration manager and able to deploy into report server in my local PC and it's working but don't know how to configure which can be accessible from other PC from same network domain.
    what service account i have to use?

    2. how do i create subscription in SSRS report to store report in a share folder for each month or daily based on current year and month.

    my report having two parameter one is year textbox and other is month(January,February etc) dropdownlist(which having multiple selection)

    this is working if i am running the report based on parameter but in subscription , how do i set month dynamically(current month) and current year , so that based on current month and year the report will delivered to share folder.

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    If you want to build your report in production you should maintain some physical folders for the same, in dev as well as production servers with the same name, there you can place your rdl file so that you can able to access in both the servers, and coming to your second question; how you are passing parameters to stored procedure in the same manner you can pass parameters to your report builder too.

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