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    Bulk update available in oracle

    Is there any method for using bulk update for oracle ?? Im using oraclebulkcopy for INsert. I would like to know for bulk update also

    Also if record already exist , I would like to use bulkupdate else bulk insert
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    I think BULK COLLECT and FORALL will help you in this case.
    BULK COLLECT: SELECT statements that retrieve multiple rows with a single fetch, improving the speed of data retrieval
    FORALL: INSERTs, UPDATEs, and DELETEs that use collections to change multiple rows of data very quickly
    The two most common forms of Bulk Updates are:
    1.Update (almost) every row in the table. This is common when applying data patches and adding new columns.
    2.Updating a small proportion of rows in a very large table.
    checkout below link for more details

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    Hi Prasad

    It will be helpful if in C#code ... No idea of PL/sql or sql

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    bulk sql means

    you can go through in cursor in sql server thats better to insert huge records.

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