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    Cannot extend folders in sharepoint 2013

    I've created web application using visual studio 2012 then i have deployed in sharepoint 2013 using master page now some features not working properly in that i have Upload Document button if i click that it will show for Browse folder and Destination folder in destination folder if i enter any drive it will show the files/folders in that particular drive.

    But now when i enter some drive its not showing folders its working for Physical drives(C and D) but not mapped drives i am using IE can anyone suggest me how to solve this do i need to change any code or setting.Thanks
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    Hi Nagendra,

    First off all check whether the same is working in different browsers or not? like chrome, if it is working in other browsers then check that your desired folder path is available or not, if it is available then still you are getting problem with the solution then check your code block on button click.

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    Hi Naveen its not working in chrome also

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