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    Giving notification to another page after data is inserted to sql server database 2008

    i have an "academic service request.aspx" which has a form to request service to registrar.and it has it has it's own database in sqlserver to store these requests.
    so,the registrar which has a "registrar.aspx " page should get notification or alert about these notifications,how it can be this if u have,practical example ,code, idea shaare me please
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    Look at below logic from that you can implement code easily.
    when you insert a service request in sql server, then you need create a sql table named 'notification', in that table put same service entry, and on page_load of 'registar.aspx' check if there is entry exist in 'notification' table, if it exist then show the message on the 'registar.aspx' and after message display keep some button like 'clear notification', on that button click , delete entry from 'notification' entry from 'notification' table

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