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    Error in restoring database from version 10.50.1600 to 10.0.2500

    I have database backup taking on sql server 2008 R2 whose product version : 10.50.1600
    and I want to restore it on sql server 2008 R2 whose product version : 10.0.2531.
    But while restoring , i got error that "the database backup cannot be restored because it is not compatible".

    I am in big trouble with this , how can i restore database in this condition.?
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    try to back and restore same version that only fixed in your issue.Otherwise if you no need data means take dbscript one sql to another sql server.

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    No backward compatibility is supported by SQL, you need to either backtrack your SQL version, or create script from old database (script with data) and run that script on new SQL database, see below snippet
    use below steps to create script file with schema and data
    1.Right click database ? Tasks ? Generate Scripts ? Choose DB ? Change "Script Data" option to true ?
    If we have a .sql file and it's not too big we can just open it with SQL Server MS and run it.

    If we have a .sql file but it's too big to be opened with SQL Server MS we have to use sqlcmd like this:
    >sqlcmd -i C:\panels_QA28July11.sql -o C:\PanelsImportResult.txt
    The parameter after -i is the file to import. The parameter after -o is where to save the output. We can omit the second parameter if we want to see the process on the screen.
    By default it will use the local machine and local database server. If we want to use a different machine and server we use the -S option.

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    Backward compatibility is not there in the SQL Server database backup. Not only this most of the database we can not do this. You can try the following.
    1. You can try the "import" from newer version to the older version database.
    2. Create the script for adding data in table.
    The above the the possible ways to do this. You can try.

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