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    How to give Login Form with Username,Password LIke Field and Forget Password Option in VB.NET 2008

    I have a Created one basic Form Login Form.
    I have try to Develop Real time Application, and 2 filed like Username,Password and also give option Forget Password. But i have a Dought what type of code i will write in forget password ?

    Thank You!
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    you can keep user name and password in database with some security question, when user click on forget password link, just ask user name, security question to user, cross check his entered answer with database answer, if it matches then reset user password to some other password and display it on screen, for the same I have given couple of links below that have full source code of forget password functionality

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    Hi Deep,

    When user registers himself we take email id as input.So we store username,encrypted password along with email Id.
    So when user requests forgot password,take username as input,validate it with username from database.
    If it matches send a temporary auto generated password on users email id.
    So once user enter this password on first time login,user will be redirected to reset password to change it.
    And after change he will be redirected to login page to login with new credentials.

    Hope it helps!

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    How you are registering the user. There are may ways.
    1. You can write your own BOL for handling this
    2. You can use the classes.
    In the both cases you can use email id as user id. So that you can send the temporary password to that user.
    3. Once the user click the forgot password you can generate temporary password and send it to the user as a email with password change screen url.
    4. Once the user click that url you can check temporary password. If the tempory password matches you can allow the user for change the password

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    Go to toolbar in visual studio Regarding login and reset password

    try this code


    <asp:Login ID="Login1" runat="server">

    Change Password

    <asp:ChangePassword ID="ChangePassword1" runat="server"></asp:ChangePassword>

    Password Recovery

    <asp:PasswordRecovery ID="PasswordRecovery1" runat="server"></asp:PasswordRecovery>

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    You have to create separate pages (customized) as you want and maintain database for credentials, before that you have to go through few articles for the below requirement and then start to implement by step by step.

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    You can Use the Separate Page for recovering the password Like Send through Mail or Security questions and so on.. Kindly go through the below mentioned links for your references. It may helps you Lot.






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