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    Winows and web application difference

    in interview they ask

    windows and web application

    Say any example

    In interview they ask in which scenario you go for the windows application project

    and which scneario you go for the web application project
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    The answer of the question is bit simple
    1. Here are the scenario where you can use windows application
    - For stand-alone system Windows application would be always preferred
    - If you deal with some embedded system like sensor, devices then windows application will be preferred
    - for fast and rapid development windows application would be good choice
    - for processing and high-performance content display
    - application that build for processing local system resources on the client computer, including local files, the Windows registry, the printer, and so on

    2. Here are the scenario where you can use web application
    - If number of users are more in quantity then web application would be preferred
    - for internet based system web application is good choice
    - if application primarily have a browser user interface
    - An important benefit of any Web Forms application is that it has no distribution costs
    - Web Forms applications are platform-independent

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