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    Freshers are dificult to get a job why?


    nowadays backdoor opening will play the important role in IT industry so many hr are doing backdoor tie-up with constancy and earn more money so they didnt like front door and campus selection. Its true or false ?. Any one answer my question i am facing the problem for past 4 months. please give me the suggestion.

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    Knowledge is the main entity in the industry (I mean anywhere), do not afraid of the situations there are up and downs in the life, its not true that frontend door entries are always rejected, Study the interviews that you have failed to cracked, think why you not cracked it. see what is the expectation of interviewer.
    Prepare more and get the success,

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    I partially agree with your point.But,the main reason is total number of students passing each year. It is simple, Market demand is less and Engineer are more than needed so supply is very much higher which creates inequity.
    But we can solve this problem if we follow the mission our PM has started:
    Make In India
    We can make all things in our country and create jobs so unemployment rate will decrease.Also you can get a job if you have sound knowledge and good Resume with good academic scores.

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    Yes.. Its true. My one of the Friend trying to join through Back Door in MNC. He went lot of consultancy regards back door. all of us were eagerly going that. But after, lot of discussion he spent more than lakh for that. He waited for 8 months with out searching job. Then he asked his money from that consultancy. Later they relieved an offer from one of the main MNC with Joining Date. So, Some times iy may go wrong. Kindly thing and proceed further..

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    I agree with you, for freshers they are facing lot of issues with this, because of this most of the freshers are struggled. I'm one of the person in that, when I was a fresher I'm facing lot of issues with the same. Whomever call me for interview after reach the Interview panel once done they are simply asking money how much are you ready to give as per policy we charged this much, I don't know what was the policy for asking money, but I never face the same problem with MNC companies.

    As per your concern I really agree with you, that is truth but I'm not sure whether that is applicable for MNC's or not.

    Give respect to your work, Instead of trying to impress your boss.

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    Hi Ramesh.

    The people ask money by saying they will provide training to you, moreover if you prepare well and good for interviews you will have confidence of clearing interviews. If you don't perform good in interviews no need to give money for any one. How many interviews did you attended? If you attend interviews with less knowledge and with startup companies definitely they demand money as investment to train you.
    Just try with Level 3, Level 4 or MNC's where you don't get the question of money.
    Attend more and more interviews getting job is not tough if you try seriously unlike all.

    Sridhar Thota.
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    Hi All,

    I'm totally agree with blackcaps, whatever he says that is 90% correct, now a days it's too difficult to get a job as a fresher, I don't know why companies are doing like this, everybody expect experience people only, I don't know without giving a chance to fresher how they got experience.

    Consider my personal request to all, once you are in Interview panel take this as your special request and discuss with your manager and HR team, give a chance to freshers at-least 2-3 people in a team.

    Give respect to your work, Instead of trying to impress your boss.

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    Hi Naveen.

    There are many freshers who are coming out every year that doesn't create the same vacancies in number. Let us suppose assume 5 members(freshers) attended a interview one candidate knows better concepts than the rest of 4 candidates, ultimately company will pick the efficient resource. They need to prove themselves. In this scenario all are freshers it doesn't mean all should have same knowledge. The one who practices more and the one who has good knowledge will be given opportunity.

    Sridhar Thota.
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    That may or may not happen but not as bulk recruitment. It could be for a one or two or three. But normally all bulk recruitment will happen via campus or off campus interview.

    Attend all off campus interviews to get it placed in a co. keep watching all sites which posts freshers opening. Also doing some technical course in a famous private firms also may help you.

    Asheej T K

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    Hi Sridhar,

    I agree with you, I won't say that we should give a chance to unacknowledged person, how experience people got a chance for interview, in the same way freshers too got a chance that is more than enough, proving themselves is depend upon the person who attend the Interview.

    If you see in outside they didn't got a chance for interview itself, if they give chance then only they come to know whether that person having knowledge or not, but without giving a chance we can't say he is not Capable. Why I'm saying this means when I was a fresher I'm too face this type of problems a lot, Selected or rejected is 2nd point but asking money in interview panel and didn't give a chance to freshers that's not good as per my knowledge, if companies did like this candidates edict to put FAKE certificates, whether we move to forward or backward I don't know.

    Give respect to your work, Instead of trying to impress your boss.

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    In every field not only software people in general prefer experienced people because they don't need any training plus they will give immediate fruits to the company and that is freshers or less experienced people are hard to get jobs especially in this competitive world because Information technology is the most popular job source creator through out the world. Even though fresher job is a hard nut to crack but it is not impossible you can try and try until you succeed there is nothing impossible.

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    i appreciate for your comment#parsad kulkarni ...Knowledge is the main entity in the industry (I mean anywhere), do not afraid of the situations there are up and downs in the life...
    no problem stay cool and get extra and more extra expertise i sure you will get your goals..

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    Fresher doesnot have required knowledge of technology as per industry requirement that is the main reason why they do not get job , Every collage should have industry experts attached so that they can guide what student need to learn in order to get job

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    Hai Ramesh,
    I am not agree with you that backdoor jobs are fulfilling the requirements now a days. I agree that for freshers the openings are less as compare to the number of people. Also the companies won't prefer the candidates which are not having much knowledge or not having the knowledge about the domain and technologies they are working on. The problem is for small or the product based companies where the resources are less, it is very difficult for the companies to provide the training's and then keep the employee on-board in the project as it requires the time of an experience resource which costs more. Also once the training is done, the productivity for the fresher will be low and there is lot of risks involved in the work which the fresher is doing. Like for each tasks, the experience person has to look each and every steps of the code which the fresher guys has written. So it is again wasting of time for the experience resource. The product is the one where one small mistake can lead to a big issue so they prefer the candidate who already has knowledge about the technology and domain.
    The other side when the companies are project based where they do the project for other clients, they take the freshers and provide training's in the bulk as they can utilize them in the later stages. So if you take any big company which is having more headcount, they take the people in bulk and provide the training on a technology which they need in the near future and once the training is done they deploy the candidate to the projects.
    But as per my industry exposure, don't loose hope even if you are fresher. Just try to learn as much as possible. Apply for the jobs where they need the person between 0-1 yrs experience. So if you have knowledge they will take you no matter with how much salary. Do not think much about the salary at the initial stage of the career.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

    Pawan Awasthi(DNS MVM)
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