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    Data recovery from formatted harddrive (1 TB seagate)

    Hi All,

    accidentally formatted harddrive .guys anyone knows any opensource tool to recover the same..i could see many tools like Easeus and others..all are chareable if anyone know any good open source tool .please let me know.

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    Follow these simple steps & you might be able to recover all of your data.

    Warning: Do not transfer any file to your formatted hard drive you might lose precious data.

    Note: You will need to have a spare hard drive of 1 TB or 1 TB free space in your computer to recover that data.

    Step 1: Download & Install Recuva from link below:

    Step 2: Connect your hard drive to the computer you installed Recuva on.

    Step 3: Run Recuva -> Select Deep Scan -> Select Other (All Files)

    Step 4: Once it finishes its Scan it will show you the results.

    Step 5: The files with Status as Excellent are the only files which can be recovered. Select all those files.

    Step 6: Click Recover... -> select where you need to put the recovered files

    The size of free space you require depends on how much files you recover from the hard drive.

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    I would suggest you to try this link too, which may help you in recovering data.
    It has several software / applications to recover data from a dead hard-drive.


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    There are many open source exe's that will recover data from formatted hard drive
    I have some links you can try
    If the lost data is important for you then I would recommend you to go for paid software rather than free version, it may corrupt your files

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    If your hard disk data corrupted or lost then you can try Recover Data for Windows Data Recovery Tool. It is proficient tool to repair data and information from bad sectors of corruption. It is made up of with advanced and latest techniques like GFETCH – Guided File Excavation Technique and BSMR – Bad Sector Management and Recovery.

    For any other query about this utility, visit:

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    Hey Kumar R,

    I would suggest you to try this link too, which may help you in recovering data.
    This is a one the open source trick from the ubntu trick.

    Refer this,

    Hope It helps you,

    Vaibhav Shah

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