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    Avoid iteration in Aspose and validate

    I have 10000 rows in excel.. Im making particular column as '0' if it is null in Aspose..
    For this Im using "for loop" condition which giving timeout error.
    Any short cut condition to avoid iteration ...

    if(column2 isnull)
    cell =0
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    if you are using APOSE gridview then it is a third party control and can be supported by their forum team only.
    It will be better to post your issue on apose site so that they will help you to resolve your issue

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    Step 1 - > For loop used for 1000 records for validatiing

    Step 2-> Again for loop used to insert the validated 1000 records

    Error Occur on : On step 1 itself timeout issue occurs. How to rectify this..

    I expect logic.. Eventhough it is not aspose

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